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Our lawn mowing specialists are trained to show up to your property and perform these 4 main services.

String Trim

Using commercial-grade string trimmers, our staff is highly trained to hit all of the edges of your property including fencelines, curbs, around flower beds, and under trees. Wherever our mowers can't go, those areas will be string trimmed. Our staff is trained to be extra cautious around things such as; cars, windows, pools, wires, etc...


Using powerful backpack blowers, our team will blow off all driveways, walkways, curbs, flowerbeds, etc. Wherever any grass goes, we will make sure to blow off that area. This includes any clumps of grass in the lawn that may happen from the mow.


Using either a larger zero-turn mower, or a commercial-grade walk-behind mower, our staff will show up and select the right mower for the job to get the job done fast and leave a great-looking cut every single mow.  We pride ourselves on leaving high-quality professional-looking stripes every week. We will switch directions of the mow every 2-3 weeks.


This is done twice! When we show up, our team will walk your property and remove any debris or small sticks. After we, string trim, mow, & blow, our staff will walk the property making sure everything looks up to our high standards. 

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